One of Shiraz’s pre-eminent dining destinations, Pars Internationl Hotel is celebrated as much for its exceptional food and drink as its beautiful rooms and suites. discover the hotel’s food and beverage outlets below.

Italian Restaurant

The fans of the Italian food will never forget the delicious taste of different pasta and pizza on the Italian restaurant while enjoying the green area of the restaurant and listening to the dulcet tones of the piano. Professional meetings, business talks, and even academic discussions can get to better results when internet is around and mixed with serving different flavors of coffee, cookie, sweets, and ice cream. Italian restaurant welcomes all guest between hours 16:00 to 23.

Melal Restaurant

Warm and attentive service along with the skills and expertise of our culinary team, will ensure that your dining experience is impressive in every way at Melal Restaurant. Melal promises pleasure for those with a taste for something different.

Red Rose Restaurant

A richly decorated dining room, naturally illuminated during the day by a domed glass roof while seductively aglow under softly lit chandeliers, Red Rose restaurant offers a truly memorable fine dining experience. Honouring Persian heritage and provenance, our aim is to take you on a culinary journey of great flavours and food with a real story.

Lotus Restaurant

From this point above, you can see the entire city. located at the top floor of the hotel, you can have a great view of Shiraz, the kind that appeals not only to the local and international tourists but also to the Shirazi people. It is an ideal choice for family parties, friendly gatherings or even intimate professional get-togethers. Lotus restaurant serves at nights from 19 to 23 with live traditional music.

Abshar Cafe

Abshar Cafe is a mixture of outstanding indoor atmosphere and persistent designs which is a suitable place for your formal and informal meetings. The Cafe is open every day from 8 to 23 and a variety of coffee, cake, milk shake, dessert and ice-cream are served here.